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THIS CAN'T BE THE FINAL PART. It will be awesome if you created more with this chick the pupil of Xero killing the dude that holds the strings. For me that will be the real ending. But after all you are holding the strings of the animation so it's up to you haha. Very nice storyline and animation. My favourite. Cheers.


I think this will become a famouse meme.


The animation is great ppl cmon. Stop giving bad reviews and votes. Jesus Christ where did you get your sence of humor. Fucking assholes.

koit responds:

haha, true that.

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Yo man don't let the comments get you down. This game is hella addicting and with the medals it's even better. Fruit ninja? So what? How many stick games are there that have copied other games...?

That aside, the game could use some improvement, like some more modes, can't think of any now, but I'm sure that there can be more to this.

Other thing is that there is no background. I don't find the default one bad, just that it could be nice to have something other than that. Add blades. Playing only for points or fun can become boring at some points so add bonus and unlockables to keep us playing.

Awesome game bro. I will expect better games from you in the future ;).

Hell yeah this is such a badass game! Man i've never felt so good when killing shit.

But can anyone please pm me the names of the sountracks? They are great!

Good job

Awesome game. Smooth graphics. Overall 10/10 5/5.

Though there is one itsy bitsy problematic moment. I played it, liked it, got addicted to it. When I tried to play it again (second time) starts the game shows the starting screen, music plays, but when I try to click anything it doesn't work. The quality button, the start button - nothing works. Can you fix it ? I want to play the game again it's awesome please fix it.

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To the two assholes below me: fuck you. Song definitely needs improvement here and there I'll give you that but no need to give lower than 5 at this point, seeing that this song is over 5 years old and you have improved a lot now. 5 for you my friend, rock on!



Really liked the song. I don't know whats the problem of this dude.

Liau responds:

Cheer's man, glad you enjoyed!

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Hmm looks nice.

I'm not a fan of the art. More like a composer, but this picture is nice. Great drawing. She is cute 'n' sexy that doesn't affect my judge however that is why you will have a 7/10 . Nice try but it has still something missing.

nalem responds:

Yeah. I know what you mean. I feel the same about my art lately.

You can get off my profile now...

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